Solid wood slat systems

Production of slatted ceilings, walls and facades made of natural stabilized wood
Woodclick is the most convenient and quickly installed system of wooden slatted structures made of natural stabilized wood. Fully modified system and automated production allows manufacturing and installing up to 3000 m2 of finished products every month
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Why do we use only natural wood?
Everything is changing and the world around us is becoming filled with plastic. Imitations surround us everywhere. Take a look around and you will see that the vast majority of objects are made of artificial materials. We spend time at work or at home and do not notice how nature is moving away from us. People no longer need it or take energy from it. Only natural wood is used in Woodclick slatted systems. This is our principle and we will never give up on it. We put all our soul into each product and you can be rest assured that you will never regret having chosen natural wood.
Is it possible to order in another city \ country ?
We send the sets of slatted ceilings or walls as a construction kit to any city in Russia, the CIS and Europe. Everything is easy to install without any assistance within a few hours even if you do not have any experience or special tools. The detailed installation instructions are sent together with the kit. We have already implemented more than 100 projects remotely. No need to worry, you will definitely succeed!
Are you engaged in interior design?
We offer long-term cooperation and full technical support at all the stages, from design to implementation.
If you want to become our partner, leave a request, and we will call you back, discuss all the details and provide samples for further work with Woodclick systems.

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